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10 Festering wounds that concern me but I have not resoved

Theses are my own issues

    1. Not being able to effectively assist my Dad with his financial issues

    It's self sabotage I haven't donne the relevant research or added urgency to this 

    2. My own issue with my foreskin I know it does slide back properly it's a source of inflammation

    I know that this issue exists I am allowing embarrassment prevent me in dealing with it

    3. My issue with my gums teeth and clicking jaw this definitely an issue with inflammation

    I have failed to seek help or even carry out an extensive oral hygiene practise 

    4. The leaking Alhambra sun roof

    Instead of taking this up with the garage I carried out my own on effective repairs with seleant 

    5. The leaking shower cubical and rotting wood work

    Again ignored it didn't speak professional help and when carrying out own repairs wasn't effective with it

    6. My own marriage and my failure to communicate properly

    I haven't been honest and open in trying to resolve the issues 

    7. My own reckless spending although relatively low key must run into thousands

    Partly out of distractions also looking for silver bullets and not committing to use product reading the book or using the course or master mind book 

    8. My recent heart palpitations and self treating

    Again I am to scared to seek professional help

    9. My self sabotaging behaviour where I am completely failing to do the things that count

    It's being uncomfortable around hard work and commitment there is a piano maybe I have an equal fear of success as well as failure or perhaps I fear mediocrity 

    10. The fact that I am indulging in comfortable suffering than dealing with my problems face on

    Ed Mylett nailed these I am seeking solace in using comfort rather than facing the discomfort and using the fear that surrounds it as a conpass

    11. I am using my weakness of my own financial competence to follow hand to mouth living

    I took a career in finance but have never felt competent never researched it never felt properly passionate or truly professional about this topic 

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