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10 free ways to give yourself a quiet space for reflection + growth

    1. Wake up at 4-5 am, go out somewhere, and leave all electronics at home

    4-5am because

    1) most ppl are probably sleeping unless you interact with other timezones

    2) It's a lot cooler during the summer so you can go to parks, parking lots, 24/7 coffee shops, etc

    Leave electronics at home because distractions will steal your focus. A pen and paper is more than enough to just sit & think

    2. Stay in a hotel room for a night & ask a friend to pay

    PRO: you have a comfy space all to yourself where you can make noise, talk, etc

    CON: It's tough to make someone give you free money for a hotel...sorry forgot that this was a list of "free" ideas

    3. Barnes & Noble

    Costs nothing to go to their cafe area to sit and think. No need to buy anything..

    4. University library

    Depending on how the library is set up, you can probably walk in for free. If it requires a keycard, you can wait and walk till someone enters, saying you forgot your keycard if anyone asks. Prob out of luck if an actual security guard checks

    5. Empty parking lots

    This is a weather dependant one. And need a certain level of physical health to be okay sitting in uncomfortable environment.

    6. Bose Sleep buds.

    If noise is an issue, bose sleep buds are an excellent way t remove all the noise in your environment. It won't prevent people poking you or waving at you....but it will remove the noise

    PRE-REQ: If you do this around ppl you know, you need to not be self-conscious about ignoring them if they say something to you.

    7. Empty conference room

    If you work in an office building, this might be an option. Book a room for just yourself or just walk in if it's empty.

    8. Remove people from your home

    Encourage them to go out to do something. Have them enjoy themselves by going to beach or somethign.

    9. House-sitting

    This was more effort than it seems. But there are (were?) websites where you can watch after people's houses in return for a free space to stay. It's usually when the owners are on vacation so it will be empty

    10. Rent a storage (Notepd AI generated idea)

    This one's not free so let's make it free:

    Uhaul offers 1 month free:

    But you need to rent a truck. So, FIND A FRIEND WHO NEEDS A MOVING TRUCK but has no need for storage. Then offer to book for them and keep the storage unti for yourself.

    Hopefully the storage unit is temperature controlled with AC and has a light if you need one....prob better to try this during winter or fall when temperatures are cooler...

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