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10 fun things to do to throw yourself out of routine

    1. Go to a restaurant and ask the waiter / owner to serve you the dish that they feel isn't ordered a lot but is one of their favourites

    2. Have bubble tea with a friend - and whatever they order, order the same thing

    3. Walk down a shopping street, enter a store that doesn't interest you and purchase something small

    4. Go into the bookstore, find a magazine you haven't heard of and peruse it (or purchase it)

    5. Have a kid? Take your kid to the playground and then follow them everywhere (keeping them safe)

    6. Go to a random subreddit. Look at the top posts. Make a comment.

    7. Have breakfast for dinner, and dinner for breakfast

    8. Go to your local cafe and ask them to make you a drink that isn't on the menu

    9. Go to that section of the grocery store you never visit. Peruse. Buy.

    10. Pick up that book on your shelf that you never read because it's too hard. Force yourself to get through one chapter.

    11. Instead of coming up with 10 ideas, come up with 11 (or more)

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