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10 great board games to try

    1. Splendor

    2 player game but can be more players. All about getting jewels and scoring points based on the jewels. Very quick to learn. Quick to play. Lots of different strategies.

    2. Dominion

    If you love card building games, this has a lot of strategy and re-playability. Expansion sets add different strategies to the game.

    3. Betrayal at House on the Hill

    A game where you explore a haunted mansion and then someone becomes the 'betrayer'. Then it's the betrayer against the rest of you as you try to escape the haunted mansion.

    4. Powergrid

    Build factories. Power cities. Earn money. Buy resources. Build more factories. You win if you can power the most cities (if I remember correctly).

    5. Settlers of Catan

    One of the first board games that got me into board games. Build settlements, get resources, and win based on specific conditions.

    6. Apples to Apples

    Before Cards against Humanity, there was apples to apples - a game where you pick out adjectives and try to match nouns to them.

    7. Cards against Humanity

    Not for the faint of heart but an excellent party game to introduce laughs.

    8. Codenames

    You are trying to pass along your secret code messages to your partner while avoiding the assassin.

    9. Telestrations

    Another fun party game. Remember the game of telephone in school where you whispered a sentence to one another and it got lost in the jumble? Telestrations is like that where you draw, try to name it, then alternate. Always guarantees a laugh.

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