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Andrew Rampersaud


10 guests I'd like to see James Altucher interview in 2023

    1. Rivers Cuomo

    Weezer's frontman. He went to Harvard right after he hit it big in 1994 and graduated in the mid-2000s. He's also been practising meditation for 20 years and recently got into computer programming. I would love to know more about his creative process.

    2. Ana De Armas

    The breakout star of Knives Out. She's from Cuba and had to learn English when she came to the United States. I read that she was doing her lines phonetically when she started doing English films.

    3. P.K. Subban

    Recently retired NHL hockey player, going to work for ESPN and do other content projects. Maybe one of the best personalities in pro sports.

    4. Dave Chappelle

    I read in Skip the Line that he wanted to know his acquaintance. I think James could ask real great questions!

    5. Jordan Peele

    Who else is known for comedy AND Horror?

    6. Wayne Gretzky

    The Great One. The podcast focuses on high-performers, right? Let's hear how he did it.

    7. Elon Musk

    Just imagine all the great questions about Twitter, Tesla etc.

    8. Vanessa Hill

    She's a science communicator/sleep researcher from Australia. I found her channel, Braincraft last year. She's amazing.

    9. Chris Gardner

    The guy who's life was made into the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness, which is also a book. He was also a stockbroker, so I think he and James would have lots to talk about.

    10. Tara Westover

    I only know a bit about her, but she is impressive and incredibly intelligent, and I haven't even read her memoir yet. But I think this would be a great conversation.

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