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10 How-Tos I Want To Explore And Write About

Using NotePD as my idea-generation engine.

    1. How to Manage and Lead Multicultural Teams

    One of the hardest things I have learned to do. Managing homogenous teams is hard. Managing multicultural teams is “hard” to the power of 2, but a lot of fun :)

    2. How To Build A Technology Department From Scratch

    Designing and building systems are easier than designing an autonomous department within a hierarchical organization.

    3. How To Build MVP Using Serverless

    Serverless computing makes it a lot easier to build prototypes and scalable systems.

    4. How To Shoot Your On The Foot With A Too Aggressive Roadmap

    It is important to be very explicit about the deliverable. If you present a wish list as a roadmap, people will think that you have a wand to make the wishes happen.

    5. How To Remove Yourself As A Manager

    I was often the bottleneck for my team because I did not reply to an email or approve a ticket. I learned to get the team or organization to operate without me. I am still learning.

    6. How To Build an Anti-fragile Organization

    Unlike a resilient organization that can weather a crisis, an anti-fragile organization thrives and get stronger during and after the crisis.

    7. How To Be Your Future Self Now

    Keen to see what comes out of writing this.

    8. How To Sail From Nice To Sydney

    I want to do it and live to write about it.

    9. How To Build A Billion Company With A Core Team of 10

    I am hoping I will be able to write this. A la Instagram.

    10. How To Write 10 Books A Year Using NotePD

    This would need a lot of practice, but first thing first. Write the first book based on James's list.

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