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10 "Idea-Sexed" Ideas

Quick, dirty, and fun.

Wait, that sounds like a good idea for a product. Hang on...

10 "Idea-Sexed" Ideas

    1. Speed Dating + Backgammon

    You play a game for < 30 seconds, then you move onto the next game. Whatever game you drop into can be in progress, brand new, whatever. You have to make the best move for that position against another human and then be teleported to the next game.

    This could help you make quick decisions about board state, equity, pip count, and shot count. It's not going to help with match-level strategy, but for those tense moments over the board, it could be fun and engaging.

    I kind of stole this from PokerStars. They had a game mode where you dropped into a ring game for one hand then got teleported onto another one right after the hand (or after you fold).

    2. Tinder + Dungeons and Dragons

    Or Starfinder, or Cyberpunk Red, or Vampire: The Masquerade - whatever game you want to play - go on the platform and swipe through DM (that's short for "Dungeon Master", the people who set up and run tabletop games) listings to see if you're a match. If the DM swipes on you, you're connected to them and can get into their games. People always are looking for more games to get into, but if you only know 1 DM in real life, it's super hard.

    3. Citi Bike + Lawn Equipment

    I just spent like $1000 on new lawn equipment. Yeah, I could hire someone, but I priced it out - it's more than I want to spend right now on lawn care and I enjoy being outside and taking care of my property. Alternatively, I could let my grass turn into a jungle and the town will come and start taping fines to my door.

    Or, we could set up a community shed in the middle of the neighborhood with a bunch of charging stations and a handful of useful lawn machines and have people pay a monthly fee (WAY less than regular landscaping) to be able to borrow machines with an app.

    4. Citi Bike + Lawn Equipment: Accountability

    "What if someone borrows a string trimmer and doesn't return it and I need it tomorrow?"

    1) Good for you for knowing what a string trimmer is.

    2) The app shows who has what and when they checked it out. Yes, it sounds like "Good, I can harass them to put it back so the town doesn't start taping fines to my door." But, it's more of a social pressure thing - if someone knows that everybody is aware of how long they've had a machine, they're more likely to return it on time.

    5. Citi Bike + Lawn Equipment: Accountability Part II

    And you can charge their account an overdue fee everytime they forget to return something on time.

    6. Citi Bike + Snow Removal Equipment

    When the weather starts going bad, take the lawnmowers out and put in snowblowers.

    7. Two-Inning Whiffleball

    I think the regular rules make it something like 5 innings. I can't remember (and there are a TON of house rules for different leagues).

    This could be a boon for kids who don't want to play a baseball game for an hour but still want to have fun and have a challenge.

    You can rotate frequently and more kids get to play in a single session. You can run a quick round-robin tournament, too.

    [Ok, this one is kind of stolen from jai-alai, but if you know what jai-alai is without looking it up I'll buy you a coffee].

    8. Peleton + Microsoft Game Pass

    I hate Peleton classes. I mean, one or two of the instructors are cool and fun, but I am 100% not their demographic.

    What I usually do is play video games or read books while I'm on the bike.

    But, that kind of disrupts my posture and I crane my neck in weird ways and I sometimes do more harm than good.

    Peleton, team up with some online game provider and stream games to your underwhelming Android tablet screen. Seriously. You can charge $250 for the controller alone. People will buy it.

    9. Peleton + Microsoft Game Pass: Integrated Games

    Bonus points if you can find a way to team up with studios to inject content into games (hell, even an overlay would suffice) to get people to work harder or rest during certain parts of the game.

    These are like "classes", but without the annoying millennial amateur self-help guru with the 6 pack telling you to "feel your power" or something equally banal for 60 minutes.

    10. Trees Whose Leaves Degrade Quickly

    Genetically engineer a great looking tree whose leaves break down and mulch into the soil nearly instantaneously.

    I have so many leaves it's unreal.


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