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10 Ideas for a Video Game I Can Make

Just had the urge hit me to brainstorm video game ideas. Ive been a little over the latest AAA stuff (new Zelda was a flop to me, Baldur's Gate 3 is good but only good enough to want to play with my friends co-op, single player not interested).

My solution to problems like this is "if you can't find it, make it." 

Off we go.

    1. Throwback JRPG where you try to become the best gambler in the world

    It's like Kakegurui mixed with Casino Kid. If you know, you know.

    2. Modern puzzle game where you have to open doors in 3D to let in a never ending cosmic river


    3. Contractor Simulator 202X

    Build the house of your dreams, nail by nail

    4. Sim Restaurant

    Can't believe this doesn't exist.

    5. Barbells and Bodybags

    Mafia-style RPG where you run a mob outfit through your gym. 1970s style alternate America theme.

    6. Kilamanjaro

    You have to build the best protection racing against the clock ... once it strikes zero a nearby volcano explodes. Whatever left standing you get scored on.

    7. Bocce Quest

    Just a faithful recreation of the famous summer lawn game. 

    8. Rotten Robin

    You're a bird and you try to steal unsuspecting families' food from them while on a picnic (this may be inspired by true events at a beach involving ducks...)

    9. Kerbal Deep Sea Program

    The other final frontier!

    10. Canyon

    Fill various sizes canyons with objects of your choosing as quickly as you can. Pennies, rocks, lava, cars.

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