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10 Ideas for Amazon

Figured I would try to add to the powerhouse. I don't know if I can come up with 10 on this one, I just thought of two and that prompted the post, however, I just realized that both ideas I had are already being done. ( a gaming only Amazon site and short videos of products)

    1. Amazon "Luxury" Site or High End Amazon

    These products will only be the best of the best quality. The top echelon of offerings in all categories including food. Most, if not all of these products will be exclusive to this version of Amazon and not available on the main site, in fact, maybe you have to apply to Amazon just to qualify to have access to it.

    2. Amazon Prime TV PPV Events

    Maybe Amazon could partner with a movie theater chain to play first run movies with extra perks just for Prime members to compete with other streaming services. They could offer Pay-Per-View events like boxing, wrestling and UFC but with their own unique commentators and content.

    3. Amazon Movie Theaters

    Maybe Amazon goes into the movie business themselves. They have original programming, they could have theater events in select cities they operate in and offer discounts, a unique theater experience and even shop at those theaters where they use the app and just walk out with their purchases which can also be done with their unique theater food offerings. There would be minimal human interaction if at all.

    4. Amazon Quick Chef or Quick Meals

    There are more and more food subscription services now than ever. Amazon has access to Whole Foods and you can order your groceries through Amazon currently. Amazon has or had the Treasure Truck for a while as well. What if you could order from an Amazon Quick food service where you can use the Amazon app, select the service and choose from a limited menu where they will make the meal and bring it to you? You won't have to do any prep work like the subscription services, no cutting, or anything like that, in fact, some dishes can be fully cooked and ready to eat, you may have to put it in the microwave for a short time, or mix some ingredients to finish the meal but for the most part instant meal! I know there are different food regulations per state to deal with as well.

    5. Amazon Award event for their 3rd party sellers

    This just popped into my head right now, so I didn't think it through. There are so many third party sellers of products now on Amazon, maybe Amazon can hold a quarterly online or live event where they recognize and award their top sellers in multiple categories based on certain metrics they find acceptable. These awards could come with some perks to those that "win" maybe some incentives for them, ratings boosts, a special icon or badging they receive as an Amazon Award Winner or something.

    6. Amazon Security Service

    Since Amazon has the ability to give you live updates on your orders, and more and more people have some sort of Ring device or Wyze cameras in and outside of their homes, maybe Amazon breaks into the ADT/Brinks world and offers Amazon Security services. If you have a Portal or Alexa Smart Device in your home, these can be tied to the service including your Ring or current WiFi based camera system. This idea is sounding worse the more I think about it, so I will stop here. ( "

    7. Stuck! Add to the list if you will

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