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Katie Ulrych


10 ideas for an Instagram Site I follow

A woman who runs an instagram site posted that she is annoyed with the algorithim on instagram. I am sure I would be too. So I thought about what I love to look at and what I would love to know and came up with 10 things I think would be cool to see.

Danielle: If you are reading.. I haven't been following long and I really don't know much about you but I think this would be cool:)

Insta: oakmoontarot

P.S. If you don't do it.. I might. Once I get energy.. :)

    1. Interpretive Dance

    You said.. "do I need to dance around?" Maybe? That would actually be kind of fun to watch. If you like dancing make an interpretive dance on what you pull that day. Like a tik tok inspired dance. It would be fun to watch.

    2. Catch Phrase

    Come up with a catch phrase for your daily card pull. I love Elyse Myers and her "go find less" tshirt. Come up with some phrases for card pulls. Maybe people would want shirts of them and you can start a side business.

    3. Food Dish

    Do you like to cook? Create a food dish inspired by your daily card pull.

    4. Activity or and -ing post

    Do you associate an activity with a card pull. Film yourself doing it. That would be something new I haven't seen before.

    5. If this was a date..

    You are not dating... Maybe I should do this. It would be fun to see how you would interpret a date if you pulled certain cards before a date. Maybe I am just not as confident in my interpreting yet.

    6. Tell us a story

    Tell us a story about how your card pull has shown up in your life before. Maybe do it to emojis. Show it like a cartoon.

    7. Do and Don't

    I follow a lot of astrology sites. They do a "do and don't list" for the signs during full moons. A recent post was Full Moon in Sagittarius "do and don't" for each sign. I liked it.

    8. What do you HAVE to look at on Instagram?

    Incorporate it somehow.

    9. Memes

    Find a meme that is the definition of the daily card pull. Memes are fun and are everywhere.

    10. Influencer

    Tag an instagram influencer you think embodies the qualities of the card you pulled. This could get insulting but it could help the influencer see how they are being preceived at the moment. They might share it. More followers. More connections. Yay.

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