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Eduardo França


10 ideas for being an invitable person for parties you usually don't get invited (no body modifications required)

    1. Learn to play some musical instrument. Usually people need someone that play stuff for the parties

    2. Make a meaningful connection with someone that usually get the invitations

    3. Create the habit of asking the person that already was invited to get you a invite. If you get an Yes, give them an unexpected gift. Odds are, you will receive more invites next time.

    4. Use neighborhood/citizenship/geographical arbitrage to be the outsider that people are curious. You will be invited for parties you would never imagine.

    5. Learn to cook good food and spread the news around the block. In more private parties usually someone cooks and everybody loves that person.

    6. Once in a while join new crews. Usually you hang out with one group, start doing something different, like joining the BJJ academy you always wanted. You will get invited for the parties of the Jiu Jitsu fighters you never imagined .

    7. Be the soft dealer of the guys. Definitely you will receive some unexpected invitations. For sure, way more dangerous than join BJJ academy

    8. Change jobs. Preferably for a company that's sexier. You will receive way more invites working for digital influencer casting agency than working at some traditional company

    9. Lear a new language with foreigners. Usually there are a lot of parties that happen during this learning path and definetely you would never be invited if you did'nt know how to speak the language

    10. Just be the one that host the party

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