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10 ideas for Collaborative Agents Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Applications

Has a groundbreaking and potentially transformative strategy for using collaborative agent strategies.

This involves combining specialized agents into workflows. Agents can be trained as employees or workers. Today, you can simulate this by prompting: "you read at a fifth-grade level. Tell me what you don't understand about this text and why." "you are Winston Churchill. How would you respond to XYZ." "You are supposed to count the duration between the traffic light changing and report on discrepancies."

10 ideas for Collaborative Agents Strategy for Artificial Intelligence Applications

    1. Consensus agents

    having X number of AI agents working and Y of them need to agree

    2. Contention agents

    Agents that are supposed to disagree

    3. Summary agents

    in charge of summarizing input from other agents or sensors

    4. Creative agents

    in charge of ideation

    5. Analysis agents

    Analyzing text, data, video, audio, etc.

    6. Reporting Agents

    Formatting text, images, audio, etc., into reports for other agents or humans

    7. Transforming agents

    Make an audio recording of text, a transcription of a video, etc.

    8. Workflow Aggregating/Orchestrating Agents

    Orchestrate the processes of agents

    9. Workflow factory with groups of agents and "human in the middle"

    Example: writing children's story:

    1. Creative agents for collecting story ideas
    2. human decides on story idea
    3. Creative agents for writing story
    4. human decides on story flow
    5. Reporting agents for writing
    6. Contention Agents for editing
    7. Creative Agents for image creation
    8. Human decides on final product

    10. Fully Automated Workflows

    Example: analyzing and summarizing security camera footage. This could be run once a day or once every 100 milliseconds.

    1. Analysis agents to find anomalies
    2. Consensus agents to agree on the results of the Analysis agents
    3. Summary agents to gather the results of the Consensus agents
    4. Transforming agents to create text data from video (write text to a file: "Raccoon opens trash can 2:30 AM")
    5. Analysis agent prioritizes issues
    6. Reporting Agent gathers data into a report and posts it to a website/generates alerts.
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