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10 ideas for ice breakers for team building

    1. Hidden connections

    Everybody goes around the room and writes down a dream of theirs on a piece of paper. It could be writing a book. It could be meeting Elon Musk. It could be owning a Tesla. Once everyone has written their dreams, everybody then goes around the room again to see how they can help (and writes their name down for follow-up). For example, if someone says their dream is to write a book, I might know an editor or publisher. Or if they want to meet Elon Musk, I might know someone that works at one of Elon's companies that I can introduce them to.

    2. The human chain

    Everybody gathers in the middle of the room and connects hands with everyone else. Then they have to untangle themselves into a circle. Yes it's doable. It'll get people moving and stretching.

    3. Rutabaga Rutabaga

    Everybody sits around in a circle and says a fruit or a vegetable. Similar to Red Rover, if your fruit or vegetable gets called, you have to call out another fruit or vegetable. The trick is you cannot show your teeth.

    So if I'm banana and I know orange is in the circle, I would say "banana banana calling orange orange". And then orange would go next. Again, you have to hide your teeth with your lips. Hilarity ensues.

    4. The rising pole

    Everybody puts two fingers on a long pole. The goal of the exercise is to lower the pole to the ground with everyone still touching the pole with two fingers. If anybody's fingers lose touch with the pole, you have to reset. What ends up happening usually at the beginning is everyone lifts the poles because they're trying to maintain contact and the pole ends up rising.

    5. Human bingo

    Have a bingo card with some crazy activities on them. Go around the room finding people who have done those activities and write their names down. First person to get all squares wins.

    6. Paired introductions

    Pair off and have some questions to go through. What does the person do? Where was the person born? Where would they like to travel to? And then have everyone introduce their partner instead of themselves.

    7. Identify an everyday object for people. Tell them they have to think of as many different ways as possible to use the everyday object out of its typical use.

    For example, you might give people a spoon but tell people it's not for eating or drinking anything.

    After they have done so, tell them to use the same object, but now give them a context for what they have to think of doing. For example, using a spoon at school. Or using a spoon at a retail store. I'm willing to bet they will be able to think of more uses.

    8. Two lies and a truth

    Have everyone come up with two lies and a truth about themselves. Then as they share, get everyone to guess which one is the truth.

    9. Ask yes/no questions to people, but have them always lie

    10. Give everyone a funny question to answer - if they could have any condiment come out of their belly button, which would it be and why? Or if they could punch anyone in the face, who would it be and why?

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