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10 ideas for notepd improvements

    1. "export all your ideas"

    Almost all social media and emails have a way to export all your data. Would be nice if notepd could too.

    2. Instead of having the "move idea" button on the top left, put it on the top right.

    Being nitpicky, I keep having an issue on mobile where if I'm writing an idea, at some point I tap the 6 dot move button instead of the text box. May have to do with location? Other people must experience this too.

    3. Automatically suggest tags based on keywords

    This way, I don't have to make them up myself! Also, it's limited to one word per tag so I don't know how to properly format a multi word tag or just use multiple tags.

    4. Figure out a way so that when the lists show up on search engines, maybe they show up as a block of text instead of separate ideas.

    5. Categories?

    Maybe that's what tags are for.

    6. More gamification!

    We all love gamification.

    7. Another level of interaction...

    How else could people interact? Likes and comments are good for social media. But maybe there must be another way to interact with an idea

    8. Colors?

    Maybe we can add colors to ideas. Probably a bad idea.

    9. A timer

    An optional timer that shows how long it took to make a list. Guess we could just time them ourselves.

    10. A section of the weeks trendingest ideas lists.

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