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10 Ideas for Peak Experiences With Your Partner

Happy Sunday!

    1. All night talk

    Talking about everything and anything is very important, yet we don't do much of it. We spend more time on mobile or TV.
    Have time for each other, discuss childhood memories, discuss the future together, the mission in life, the future selves, etc.

    2. Cooking class together

    Suppose you both can cook, then there is no need for a class. You spend a whole afternoon cooking an entire course for each other—one prepares the entree, the other main, etc.
    But if you can't, a class together can be a memorable and fun experience.

    3. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

    I have never tried, but I am curious to try. It is a week-long climb. Mount Kilimanjaro has five major ecological zones to enjoy. You will be able to talk about the experience for years.

    4. Run Honolulu Marathon

    I have tried this. It was exhausting but amazing. You may need to prepare for it to avoid injuries.

    5. Weekend road trip

    Driving is an excellent activity to bond. One drives the other entertain.
    You will have opportunities for a lot of talks, incredible scenery, and a chance to see if you can co-drive together in life.

    6. A weekend meditation retreat

    7. Round trip around the globe

    Some airlines offer this with stops

    8. Painting each other

    9. Sky diving

    10. Sailing for a week

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