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10 Ideas for Populating Other Planets

10 ideas that could help support living on other planets!

    1. Sending a "green" spaceship

    There must be a reason for this, maybe scientists don't want to contaminate what's out there. But sending one space ship just filled with green plants and seeing what happens. I'm sure we can guess what will happen though.

    2. Landing multiple "unpiloted" ships as "return vehicles."

    Most of the time ships are sent, and people return on those same ships. What about sending multiple ships to the same planet that have no pilot so when people do go there they can take one and leave one? Obvious reasons this may be ineffecient but may be a solution to something.

    3. Send a "ghost detecting tool."

    Would probably never get pushed through but ghost hunters will think it's amusing.

    4. "Undercomplicate" space management

    Space logistics (transportation, fuel, etc...) aside, a lot of concerns regarding space travel probably is biological. Too many alien movies. What if we are alone in our solar system?

    5. "Space Force" Ads

    It would be great to see some ads for "Space Force" (America's military branch for space) just to see what they come up with. I'm sure there's a reason they don't exist yet but it would be fun to see.

    6. "First Entertainment Company in Space"

    Really curious which entertainment company will be the first put a spaceship on a planet. Bezos (Amazon Studios) and Branson (Virgin Records) sort of did it but not quite.

    7. Near-term trend: First X company on planet/moon

    Bouncing off Idea 6, instead of the government just printing money or collecting taxes, offer companies the opportunity to say they are the "first X Company funded ship in space." Example, pick any company you like, "X company is the first (type of: financial services, real estate, etc...) company to get their logo on the moon!"

    8. Space Conservatism vs Space Liberalism

    These may be two separate "parties" that come about as space travel becomes more main stream. Not related to current political terms. Could use better/more clever names. If anything there is at least a movie idea here.

    Some "non-profit" (profiting off protesting) organization will probably exist at some point. Having two opposing parties promotes the flow of finances but could slow progress.

    Conservatists: people who are overly concerned about the "negative impact" of people on other planets and space.

    Liberalists: People who think humans should be drastically more aggressive in exploring space.

    9. Spacemoney

    Will there be a type of money accepted on both planets? Would be a fun exploration on this topic and how money will evolve with other planets. Been done in movies. Probably established by some government if at all, but which?

    No real value add at present.

    10. "Detachable Fuel Pods"

    Similar to idea 2, have fuel pods that are easily attached or unattached and left in space. Therefore one spaceship can carry fuel pods, and another ship can carry extra "science stuff" with enough fuel to return.

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