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10 ideas for Stadia Gaming Platform

Any gamers here? I have some ideas for a cloud based company run by Google called Stadia.

10 ideas for Stadia Gaming Platform

    1. Collaborate with a known game company or up and coming game company

    2. Create Stadia NFT's

    For the past two years, there have been limited avatars one can use for their profile, if Stadia wants to grow, gamers like displaying trophy's, avatars, accomplishments and collections so I think it's a great opportunity to introduce and NFT that could serve as their unique one for certain goals or achievements and other perks they can determine.

    3. Stadia Contests

    AtGames has different game nights, some are pinball only, some are fighting games, or shoot em' up's, fighting and more. Stadia can do something similar, they can create rooms for these with prizes for the winners like discounts, free month of service and more.

    4. Add another tier of Service

    Right now, you can pay $10 per month and have access to a bunch of free games including newer exclusive games on weekends. If you cancel, you can still play on Stadia, but only the games you bought. If they add another tier, maybe $6 per month, they can play limited free games. Then, for $12 or $14 per month, they get access to even more free games, deeper discount on games and first shot at new games before the other tiers get access to them.

    5. Stadia Exclusive Wallpapers

    6. Earn discounts and free in game items for sharing content

    Stadia tracks those that share screen shots or that do a live video or upload their gaming session to specific platforms. Maybe using a points accumulation metric, they can award certain in game rewards, exclusive wallpapers, avatars and discounts.

    7. Limited Edition Premium Controller

    8. Celebrity Endorsements

    9. Stadia Sponsored Traveling Gaming Bus

    Lease or purchase some buses that can be converted into gaming buses that they could rent for people to use at parties, or get togethers. This way, they don't have to worry about holding a party at their house, condo or apartment because they don't have the space, or they don't have a good set up or enough WiFi strength to have more than two controllers paired. Maybe Stadia could travel around the country to promote their products with them as well by showing up at announced locations where they can play and test out the service and sign up on the spot and leave with their own Stadia box. Maybe they could hold a raffle or contest for a free three months membership with a free controller.

    10. Add More Games

    A common complaint with Stadia is lack of games, especially fighting, arcade and shups!

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