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10 ideas for trading funds revolving around blockchain

Even if you don't believe in blockchain, it's virtually impossible to ignore the macro-trends between stocks and crypto or blockchib. Here are some ideas of funds that could be created around blockchain, but not specifically following blockchain companies. Some of these might be more of an index idea. Disclaimer: I have no clue how funds or indexes get created and developed nor what is involved.

    1. a fund that tracks companies directly tied to cryptocurrency

    coinbase, mining companies, maybe even a Bank that gets involved, Square

    2. fund around blockchain tech

    Not necessarily mining tech, but chips and processors: AMD, NVDA. Mining tech may also change in future.

    3. Companies that do well when crypto/bc (blockchain) do poorly

    Recession-friendly companies - Dollar stores? anything that is active during recessions- gas? Or safer commodities?

    4. Shorting hardware companies where blockchain hardware enters

    Way too early. But blockchain tech companies are making things like ISP's, Helium, and Mappers (drive and map and mine). As they become more successful, shorting the companies that may perform more poorly against them

    5. Blockchain based hardware companies

    Reference #4 description. Basically if they eventually go public, tracking certain types of blockchain tech.

    6. Fund of biggest companies that hypothetically can benefit from near term blocktech

    Although banks fear crypto competition, ultimately they will probably work together in some fashion in the future, despite what decentralized evangelists want. So banks would be a company to benefit. Other companies include ones such as ticketing companies that benefit from improved "transfer of ownership" systems or ledgers of some sort.

    7. Fund of companies that have the largest publicly known investments in blockchain

    8. something that follows the top holders of cryptocurrency

    9. Based on highest revenue from blockchain

    10. fund of bonds from countries tied to crypto?

    Not even sure what I'm trying to express with this one. Coudn't think of anything else. Maybe all of these don't make sense.

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