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10 Ideas on how to Monetize High End Training Courses.

In my former life I worked as a mortgage loan officer. While I was a loan officer I came up with an idea that did phenomenally well. I named it "Jumbo No Cost Refinance." Essentially what I did was take part of my yield spread (YSP) that the lender was paying me and pay all of the clients fees. The client was able to lower their monthly payment (usually several hundred dollars per month), not increase their loan balance, and their only out of pocket fee was the cost of the appraisal which I refunded at closing. The client had nothing to lose and everything to win. This was truly an irresistible offer.

So I'd like to create a similar irresistible offer with some high end paid training.
I currently have some great courses that were not cheap to purchase. The least expensive one is $2,000 and the most expensive one is $4,500. All of the content has been vetted and the content was created by some very respectable marketers.

One could easily earn 6-figures or more if they applied the strategies detailed in the courses.

I don't have time to go through the courses and implement the information but I would love to find a creative way to attract the right people for each of the courses. All of the courses are in the digital marketing space with the exception of two of them.

Here are the areas of study:
1. How to generate leads on LinkedIn and Fiverr
2. How to start a digital marketing agency (lead generation)
3. How to do digital marketing for E-commerce.
4. How to create productized services in the digital marketing space.
5. How to invest in real estate without using any of your own money or credit.
6. How to start your own pallet business


    1. Give full access to the course and allow someone to go through the course. Once they complete the course they would go and generate new business and we spilt the profits at a previously agreed upon percentage.

    2. Charge a nominal upfront fee that would refunded immediately after someone has gone through the course and landed their first client.

    3. Allow someone who already has some traction in one of the areas mentioned but hasn't been able to scale their product or service beyond a certain point.

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