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10 Ideas on how to increase income

Ok, I'm gonna be real here: I'm struggling with my money.

Not like, I'm gonna be homeless tomorrow struggling, but... you know, just the depressed 9-5 job where I don't feel free to meet hot ass women. So, you know, regular life struggling.

But, I want to change that shit! I'm not gonna be a statistic, I'm gonna achieve success, no matter how messed up it leaves me!

(Btw, if you read this and like this, leave me some comments of additional ideas. Help me out and that'll be like your good deed for the day. You'll feel good that you are making me richer and making it easier for me to meet hot ass women :) )

    1. Find a side carpentry gig

    I like building shit. I like using my body because I am a man, I don't care that my mom wants me to use my mind, I want to leave some scars on my body, ala fight club.

    So, to do this, I gotta explore facebook and craiglist, I think.

    2. Ask one person a day what side gigs they got going on

    Gotta know what's going on in the world plus this helps build friendships. It's basically how microsoft came to be cause Bill Gates was all like, yo, Steve, what do you got going on? And then Bill stole everything from Steve, so that's the dream

    3. List out music venues, go to each of them, beg them to let me work there on the weekends

    That way I'll be in the cool scene, hell yeah

    4. Look up Nashville jobs on facebook

    Cause, like, that might help or whatever

    5. Google this question

    Sometimes I forget this basic thing... but I don't understand how anyone can sit there, google a question, shift through websites, not find the answer, get distracted by cooler shit on the internet like youtube and porn and then after hours have gone by and you haven't accomplished this simple goal, just not want to smash your computer against the wall across from you? Is it just me?

    6. Find someone to walk me through complicated investing shit

    Man, that shit sucks. But I think it pays big? I have no idea, I hate it, honestly

    7. Flip shit

    So find some shit that people like, buy it and then sell it at a higher price

    8. Youtube how to make money

    Pretty straightforward, dawg

    9. Go through Side Hustle Nation for ideas

    So, I'm just gonna hop on their website right now...

    1. Marker yourself on Fiverr
    2. Freelancing
    3. Flip books (hmmmm)

    10. Start dealing cocaine

    I mean, I know some party people in Nashville, so I think I could do pretty well in this market... I could be the next Walter White but less depressing, hopefully!

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