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10 ideas on how to keep your data private

Over the past few years I remember reading about and hearing about how Privacy was going to be the future and a priority for individuals and companies. So here are some ideas I am thinking about off the cuff, some may be ineffective and others borderline ridiculous. As far as I know, there are no rules on how good an idea is right?

    1. Cancel all of your shopping loyalty accounts

    Yep, ALL of THEM! Before you simply hit "cancel" , you should remove/delete any sensitive information like your phone number(s), emails, zip codes, personal preferences before you cancel. Keep in mind you will lose out on convenience, discounts potential incentives and in some cases money.

    2. Stop using mainstream search engines.

    Erase as much data as you can from Google, Bing, Yahoo ect.. before you cancel. You will lose a lot, especially with Google if you use their many other services like Maps, Drive, You Tube, Photos to name a few. Maybe save anything you desire on your own drive of some type. With Google and Yahoo you lose your email address I believe. If you have an Android phone, you may even lose most if not all of your contacts, if you use their calendar app, you lose all your tasks, and reminders. Use browsers like Duck Duck Go (I have used this one for years) Tor Browser, use private mode most of the time. Don't save your passwords either on the browser or any 3rd party app.

    3. Opt out of all communications with companies you use or follow

    You should delete all your information first of course just like the previous ones prior to unsubscribing or canceling. You will lose access to any points or incentive systems they offer, special sales, new products, recalls ect.

    4. Remove all forms of smart speakers

    If you have a Nest, Portal or any other brand of smart speaker, delete your information, cancel the account and trash the speaker. Better yet, destroy it first, yes, take a baseball bat to it! You know, like in the movie Office Space where they gang up and take turns beating a helpless, defenseless desktop PC to it's demise using a baseball bat.

    5. Dare I say, ditch the Smartphone

    Erase the data on the phone, hard reset it, destroy it when you are done if you can handle doing that. Go to a burner phone, flip phone or buy an older used phone and don't customize it or add any apps that require your information and credit card. For the ultimate in privacy, don't own a phone, laptop, tablet, fire stick, roku, game system....

    6. Use cash the majority of the time

    Pay off all your credit cards then cancel them. Cut them up into slivers before you dispose of it. Only keep a card for bills or emergencies that is tied to one account. It makes it tough to rent things or stay at hotels and other things so you may have to adjust to that or come up with another solution.

    7. Set up a Trust Fund

    Contrary to popular belief, setting up a Trust Fund doesn't require you to be Ultra Rich, if you have a modest amount of assets or wealth, even if you don't, one of the many benefits a Trust Fund provides is privacy. Why? Because Trusts don't go through probate so there are not public records of them, of course depending on how it's structured and what State you register in.

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