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10 ideas on how to promote usage of public transport instead of a car

    1. Air some popular/funny/interesting TV shows on the inside screens.

    Despite the fact that most of us have streaming services of our choice and can watch almost anything and anytime, this might brighten up someone's commute.

    2. Bookcrossing, or just some QR code inside the bus/train to scan and read some book.

    The library can be accessed only inside the transport.

    3. Introduce some app/social network which will track the length of your commute/ride

    and take into account amount of passengers in the vehicle, maybe apply some statistical average percentage of people who have a car, and calculate the amount of CO2 you reduced during your ride.

    4. Considering that some people might have an old car with a crappy AC, supply all the vehicles with a proper air conditioning, so the people will better lean towards the public transport during the heat.

    5. Maps applications should motivate the user to choose public transport in favor of a car when building the route.

    For sure, sometimes it would be reasonable to take your car, considering the time awaiting the bus/train, switching the lines or whatever, but in case the time is almost the same, the app should highlight the public transport route, saying the time is almost the same and you will save this amount of money on gas as well.

    6. The whole train car or bus can applaud each new person stepping onto the bus/train, cheering them for the choice of public transport.

    Might be a silly idea :) but anyway

    7. The smartphone and smart watch might provide additional metric of amount of steps which the user does during the "last mile" (e.g. from home to the bus stop + from the bus stop to the office).

    It will show how many steps the user loses taking the car instead of transport.

    8. Public transport monthly tickets might have different covers/images/themes, so it will be cool to turn them into some collectibles.

    In order to make people actually use these tickets, not just buy them to store, it can be cool to additionally validate them somehow with taking a certain amount of rides at least, maybe the phone app will reveal the cover on your account/profile in the end.

    9. For sure, following the #8, these covers can be turned into NFT.

    10. Calculate the metric of the overall length/overall time of traffic jams occurred during the day.

    This might also point people's attention to the amount of CO2 increased/decreased, the decreased destruction of the roads, so the city can spend less budget on this.

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