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10 ideas on why crypto is needed.

    1. To cut out the middleman. Fiats aren't global and every country have their own currency.

    2. Secure and transparent like money. If you have bill you loose out your money, if you loose the password, you again loose out your money. Transparent, you have the money, you are the owner. You have crypto, you are again an owner.

    3. Real digital money is dissimilar to fake fiat digital money. we are already paying bills by debit, credit, cards but it's all fake. crypto is real digital.

    4. Decentralized currency as in most of it is in circulation and no new can be printed.

    All crypto hodlers are normal peeps like you and me and their aren't whales, sharks who are holding 80-90% of total crypto circulation and waiting to dump all when markets are bright.

    5. No new crypto under a brand like shib, doge can be printed but a new crypto currency can always be launched on a daily basis with 0/max. benefits.

    6. A newer way to feed the brain. Yeah, you believe and it would be done.

    7. A way to earn out money from gullible but easy earning people.

    8. Saves cost in intra country transfer. Builds out a truly global currency.

    9. Have potentital to become gold of future.

    Way to keep money as secured from inflation if enough people invest in it.

    10. People currency where people (other than government) are making, using and managing it.

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