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Dror Allouche


10 ideas that prevents us from choosing our life?

    1. Inertia.

    This is the worst enemy of change. When you understand, you can even take advantage of it. Let's say you have a positive streak of 100 days of physical activity. Use the power of inertia and don't change anything

    2. Looking at other people's lives does not advance our own.

    Going from one message to another on social networks without intention to learn or create is a waste of time.

    3. The pressure of our environment.

    We associate ourselves with our (provisional) identities, like for me “I am an "executive", what will my peers think if I create a "solopreneur" coaching business? (a real question I was asking myself 😀)

    4. We lack imagination.

    It's either this or that. It's rarely true. We have rich and unique life experiences. When we take the time to reflect we realize that we have accumulated many skills. Digging into them allows you to find your niche.

    5. Taking a decision

    It's sometimes scary. When you take a decision you accept to limit your choices in the short term.

    6. We have good intentions but we lose the battle of execution.

    7. We are too optimistic

    I believe in optimism with enthusiasm.

    And at the same time, we have to be very realistic.

    It's going to take longer and it's going to be harder than we thought.

    Let's prepare with optimism.

    8. We believe we have a lot of time

    Time flies.

    9. We think someone is coming to get us

    No one will come.

    You can meet great people who will help you. But you have to be proactive and bring value on the table including for your mentors.

    10. We think someone will teach us...

    You'll meet incredible people who will share their knowledge.

    But nobody will teach you. You have to learn it.

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