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10 Ideas to help move to a new city

Moving to a new city can be scary. I've moved a few times myself and feel they are incredibly rewarding experiences. But some people stay in fear... Here are some ideas to help.

    1. Visit once before hand

    Definitely at least spend a day or two to explore a city you'd like to visit

    2. Set a goal

    Everytime I moved to a new city, I basically told myself that I wanted and desired to move.

    3. Select by industry

    Want to work in a certain business? Oil in Texas. Finance or Broadway in NY. Logistics or Entertainment in Los Angeles. Etc...

    4. Utilize networking tools ahead of time

    Connections are important. Make sure you know how yo network with tools such as Meetup or Facebook groups unless you are very good at finding events in person yourself.

    5. Do more research to overcome horror stories

    Scared of finding a rental off Craigslist because of a story you heard? Most people are pretty normal and nice. Don't let those scare you away - just do some extra research!

    6. Save money

    This is a given. Most people dream of going to a new city with nothing but a suitcase and somehow making it. That's good if your dream includes the activities and ideas that will help you succeed such as knowing the paying work you want to find. Otherwise, save a bit to move easier and less stressful.

    7. Don't expect an overnight move

    Maybe it happens overnight and maybe it happens in a few years. Who knows?

    8. Let a catalyst fuel you

    Sometimes nothing changes until something forces you to like a bad breakup or you get fired at work. You can use those times as fuel to motivate you to leave.

    9. Accept maybe you don't really need or want to and just take a trip

    Own a house and have a secure job that's tough to get out of? Well maybe you're not meant to make the move...

    10. Explore with maps!

    Moving was probably much scarier prior to Google Maps or social media. Now you can explore entire cities and get an idea of what areas look like they suit you so look at maps! And it helps to think of the context that you have this advantage compared to the many who adventured into much less clear territory.

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