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Eduardo França


10 ideas to help sell more the book you wrote with 10 ideas list

    1. Make a deal with the publisher in terms of a cut in price in exchange you guarantee that will buy a X amount of books through other's people money (bookstore's owners)

    That's the way you are going to execute this idea:

    1)List 50 (or 100) bookstores near you.
    2)Offer a deal for the owner or manager for your book better than buy directly with the publisher house
    3)Sign the commitment agreement
    4)Go to the publisher with all those 50 agreements and make the negotiations in terms of paying deadlines and shipments
    5) Now confirm with each bookstore the business in place
    6) Make the purchase order with the publisher house
    7) Make the deal in terms that all the bookstores pay directly to the Publisher House
    8) Celebrate this big deal you made and collect your copyright money

    2. Create an evergreen funnel with a good Landing Page and ads (facebook and google)

    List of 10 curated articles and videos explaining how:
    1) https://destinicopp.com/blog/build-an-evergreen-sales-funnel
    3) https://growthlab.com/evergreen-funnel/
    4) https://thrivethemes.com/how-ramit-sethi-uses-evergreen-funnels/
    5) https://straycurls.com/evergreen-sales-funnels-ebook/
    6) https://www.fearlessceo.co/blog/what-is-an-evergreen-sales-funnel
    7) https://thenicheguru.com/email-marketing/evergreen-funnel/
    10) example: https://jamesclear.com/atomic-habits

    3. Invest in Amazon ads for books

    Go directly to the source and follow all the guides and tutorials from Amazon:

    Those videos could help:

    4. Create an strategy with Digital Influencers

    1) select 12 digital influencers that talk with your niche
    2) make a deal with them (exchange, money you decide)
    3) Create an promotion schedule with each of them
    3.1) You have to negotiate when and how they are going to post the book promotion
    3.1.1) teach them how to enter the amazon associates program, besides your deal, they will also earn money with each buy through the buying link the are going to promote
    3.2) at least 3 influencers per week
    4) Send them the book
    5) start the campaign
    6) repeat monthly

    5. Newsletter around the book topic and promote weekly the book there

    6. List smalls (or big I don't know your relevance) podcasts and send them invitations to be their guest. Promote your book there. Also as bonus, cut the video and transform in content for all social platforms

    7. Go to conventions related to theme you brought into your book, buy an space/booth there and promote your book, also selling as well

    8. List small niche (or big I don't know your relevance) events and send them invitations to be their speaker. Promote your book there. Also as bonus, record the whole session, cut the video and transform in content for all social platforms

    9. Stolen from James: write more books. With someone like the other one you wrote, odds are they are going to get interested in your other works

    10. Translate your book for other languages, mainly the countries your money worth more and has a huge population.Less cost and huge market. I'm Brazilian and the amount of books from USA translated to Portuguese are insane

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