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Eduardo França


10 ideas to increase your live streaming viewers in any platform

    1. Promote a previous weekly or monthly schedule of your lives through your email list. One hour before, send a notification warning everyone

    2. Sponsor a shout-out with a influencer (or many) that is very relevant for the target audience you want to reach. Close a package for her or him tell one hour and when it start their followers or subscribed public

    3. Collaborate with other creators and make the live for both channels. When you broadcast your live, the participant following will want to join the session in order to watch and the number of participants will increase

    4. Reward the participants: you can give a prize with a draw at the end of live. It will maintain the viewers engaged and awaiting until the end to leave

    5. Run some ads warning everyone about your live. Let it programmed to run daily. Limit the budget for each platform

    6. Always let the live event programmed and pin in the platform you are using previously in order to let the people know you are going to enter live on that specific date

    7. After each live, go to each person that commented and give them something unexpected, for instance, an exclusively short ebook. It will spread as word of mouth and probably those people will return for the next live. Pays-off, definitely.

    8. Promote the live you will host in one platform on the other platforms you have following

    9. Make it consistently. Your audience will get used to the day and hour you fix the schedule , they will appear more frequently if the live always happen in a determined time

    10. Go live in alternate time than the prime one (usually between 7 and 8PM). You will gather the attention of the audience that are hungry for your type of content and doesn't have enough supply.

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