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10 Insights after attending a Pro-Choice March

I marched in Royal Oak, Michigan. Probably more Democratic than most towns.

    1. Only one man yelled out "Baby Killers"

    We marched for 2 miles. One "Baby Killer" was great.

    2. Lots of Support

    We marched down Woodward. The first roadway built in the USA. People were honking all over the place.

    3. A lot of people turned up

    We probably had 200-250 people show up at 4pm on a Tuesday. Lots of kids showed up.

    4. Every organizer needs a megaphone

    I felt so bad for her and her voice.

    5. It feels more empowering to yell "my body, my choice" in front of a church

    It just does. I don't think I am going to change their minds. But I want them to get really annoyed.

    6. Staff of every restaurant and business came out to cheer us on and support.

    It was really exciting to see that.

    7. Women who did this in their teens were there too

    Women were walking with with canes. 2 miles with canes. They were that pissed.

    8. You can hear conviction in someones yell

    The organizer when she yelled.. you could tell she was yelling for her choice. Sometimes I felt like I was yelling to repeat what people were saying. Sometimes I was yelling because like "It's my damn choice" and those yells were very cathartic.

    9. Creative signs

    One sign said " Keep your rosaries off my ovaries" I truly enjoyed it.

    10. You can feel a shift.

    It makes me believe even more in all of the metaphysical stuff I do. There is energy everywhere and when a lot of people are gathered you can feel it.

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