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10 Insights from the book, "Originals"


    1. Question the status quo

    Asking why something already exists is better than taking the existing status quo for granted. Remembering that individuals developed laws and systems makes it evident that they are not infallible and inspires you to think about how they might be improved.

    2. Be an Idea Machine

    This validates what @JamesAltucher has been saying for some time. A large number of ideas you generate will lead to some remarkable ones.

    Triple the number of ideas you generate. The best way to boost your originality is to produce more ideas.

    3. Deep dive into a new field.

    When you extend your perspective, originality rises. Think broadly. Take up art. Take a deep dive into a new culture. You don't need to pack your bags and live in Montenegro for a year. You can read about it.

    4. Seek feedback from peers

    In addition to your customer, seek feedback from peers rather than managers or friends.

    5. Audit your ideas

    Begin by presenting your idea's three main flaws, and then invite others to suggest several more reasons why they should not support it.

    6. Make your ideas more familiar when selling them

    Use repetition. 10–20 exposures of a few ideas mixed with other ideas will solidify them in the minds of others.

    Connect novel ideas to one framed in established themes: The Lion King is Hamlet with lions.


    7. Seek out disagreeable people that are hard working good problem solvers

    People who have a track record of being tough and overcoming difficulties in ways similar to yours are your best allies.

    8. Radical ideas can be reframed into conventional goals

    If you come up with a novel idea that has not been done before. Focus on underlying established axioms, values and beliefs.

    9. Venting does not work

    The better you feel after venting, the more belligerent you become—not just toward your critic, but also toward bystanders.

    To channel anger productively, instead of venting about a perpetrator's harm, focus on the victims.

    10. Realize you’re not alone

    Even having just one ally can significantly boost your motivation to act. Find one person who believes in your goal and work together to solve the problem.

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