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10 Interesting & Fun Insights from The State Of Mobile 2022 Report

data.ai, a mobile market estimate service provider (previously known as App Annie), released this year’s “State of Mobile” report.

Below are some interesting and fun insights.

Source: https://www.data.ai/en/go/state-of-mobile-2022

    1. More than 200 apps surpassed 100M$ in annual consumer spend

    Only 38 movies with 100M$ global box office proceeds in 2021.
    I wonder if some mobile developers earn as much as Hollywood stars :)

    2. Daily time spent per user was 4.8 hours - 1/3 of our daily waking

    The average American spends 3.1 hours on TV. Add to that 4.1 hours of mobile!

    Brazil, Indonesia, and South Korea surpassed 5 hours per day in mobile apps in 2021.

    3. China was #1 in global app downloads, with nearly 100B in 2021

    This dwarfed India at 27B and the US at 12B.
    Even with this big figure, Chinese users spent less than 3.5 hours on average per user.

    4. Gen Z is a mobile, social & video first generation. Guess which app Gen X used the most!

    In the U.S., the top app among Gen Z was Instagram, followed by TikTok.
    For millennials, it was Facebook. For Gen X and Boomers, it was The Weather Channel.

    5. The most searched iOS App Store keywords in 2021 in the UK was "Scanner"

    “Zoom” ranked 1st in the US, Japan, and South Korea. “Teams” ranked 1st in Germany.
    “Scanner” was the top in France and the UK, and 3rd in Germany. I wonder why people in Europe are searching for scanner apps.
    “Yahoo” showed up 4 times in the top 10 most searched words. Yahoo is big in Japan.

    6. Crypto exchanges dominates Finance Apps

    3 of the 5 fastest-growing finance apps were crypto exchanges: Coinbase, Crypto.com, and Binance.

    7. TikTok dominates social apps by time spent

    The average user spends 26 hours per month in the app, compared to just 8 hours for Instagram.

    8. Tinder dominates every market

    I wonder if it is the swiping that makes it so attractive!

    9. Gen Z gamers are 2.0x more likely to play Mafia/Betrayal games

    Gen X & Boomers in the US and UK are 1.5x more likely to play Solitaire.
    Candy Crush Saga is popular among Gen X and Boomers.

    10. The launch of “made for Love” coincided with a 61% increase in HBA Max app downloads.

    The demand for exclusive content among viewers is the strongest ever. This probably will continue.

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