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10 Interesting Use Cases of Cloud Computing Outside Tech

Cloud computing is democratizing access to modern infrastructure enabling and empowering individuals and organizations to innovate at a rate never seen before.

Here are 10 use cases of innovations enabled by cloud computing.

    1. A laboratory in the cloud - Moderna

    Moderna uses AWS cloud to design mRNA sequences quickly. Even production systems run in the cloud, making it possible to develop vaccines in record time never seen before.

    2. Next Generation Race Car - F1

    I love this sport, not only because of the speed, the drama, the pizza that goes with watching it, but also because of the teamwork and technology capabilities used.
    F1 started using AWS cloud to compute detailed simulations in race conditions to design better-performing cars.

    3. Smart Agriculture - 30MHZ

    Cloud provides real-time remote crop monitoring solutions to help the company optimize irrigation and ventilation, prevent disease, and provide optimal growing conditions for their crops.

    4. Tune your Guitar in the Cloud - Fender

    Made famous by Jimi Hendrix, Fender runs its suite of apps on AWS, helping customers learn to play guitar, tune their instruments, and control digital amplifiers.

    5. 5G Network Network as a Software? - Telecom

    Once seen as the antithesis of innovation, telecom giants embrace the cloud to innovate and monetize on existing capabilities by abstracting functionalities for 3rd parties to innovate.

    6. From Space to Cloud - Understanding Oceans

    Data is collected from many space satellites. The problem is the sheer amount of data. Researchers spend 80% of their time finding, downloading, and processing data. And only 20% on making sense of the data. Cloud is helping to flip this ratio by making data available for analysis.

    7. AI & Drone for Wind Farm Maintenance

    Turbine maintenance is an expensive and high-risk task.
    Images taken by drones are processed in the cloud, then labeled and treated by AI models, experts then review the assessment. Drone-AI-based inspection reduces costs by up to 70%.

    8. Deep learning for Aquaculture - Aquabyte

    Aquabyte analyses real-time imagery and sensor data using ML in the cloud. Using ML capabilities in the cloud, Aquabyte is ale to optimize fish farming operations and provide a more environmentally sustainable source of protein in the long term.

    9. Saving Orangutans Using Cloud - Indonesia

    “By adopting machine learning, WWF-Indonesia has reduced its reliance on a limited pool of conservationist experts and improved the accuracy and breadth of its data about orangutan populations.”

    10. Cloud Making Flights Cost-effective and Environment-Friendly

    Avionics, sensory, and weather data are being crunched in the cloud to provide optimum speed, altitude, and route.
    Quantos, Rolls-Royce, and other companies use the cloud to reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption.

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