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10 Inversion Ideas For Your Health

I love shortcuts, and find inversion is often the best and fastest way to improvement.

According to Charlie Munger, instead of asking yourself "what can I do to help," we should be asking ourselves "what's doing the worst damage?"

From there, you can avoid things, to improve.

Don't take my advice, this is more personal advice!

Goal is to save time and be healthier with little effort.

    1. Eat Less by finishing all the food you have in your home

    Don't buy "healthy" food just yet, you need to rid your home of crap, first.

    Eat less than you normally do. Chew your food more times.

    You could also throw away or give away your junk food.

    2. Stop Buying Junk

    Now that you have finished all the food in your house, do not buy anything but real food.

    Try to avoid packaged food. Eat things you have to cook. Or you can eat raw.

    You have removed the possibility of eating bad food. Now, if you really want bad food, you would have to order it or go somewhere to get it. It's now a pain to eat bad.

    3. Don't Look at a Scale

    At least not until you have showed some momentum.

    Have a friend who threw away her scale and now looks better than ever. It demotivated her.

    4. Avoid Eating Out

    The food is usually not good for you.

    Some exceptions are buying food from a restaurant and splitting with someone. Or cutting the meal into two and having two meals.

    5. Fast

    This saves you money and time.

    Fasting is really hard at first. It's just your brain telling you you need it eat. It's lying to you.

    Try sleeping in late one day, skip breakfast, then have a normal lunch and dinner. Eventually, you may not even be hungry in the morning.

    If you can do more, try to eat one meal a day. Some people can fast for days.

    6. Eat Less by Drinking More

    Try and delay eating a little longer by drinking a large glass of water when you feel hungry. Then eat when you feel hungry. The hunger pains usually subside for some time.

    This is one I don't do a good job of, but works really well.

    7. Save Time By Grocery Delivery

    It's easy/simple and saves you time. Use the extra time to walk and/or exercise.

    Walmart Plus is a really good deal. It's saved me hours I usually spent in grocery shopping. The extra cost is often reduced by the cheaper walmart prices.

    8. Workout Less

    Stop doing cardio. The time benefits are not great.

    Lift weights multiple times a week for a short period of time. 5 minutes is better than zero minutes. An hour a week of weights will do a lot more than you realize, now that you are eating well.

    Over time, do more by shorter breaks/more intensity.

    9. Avoid the Kitchen

    Spend less time in the kitchen. Stop making it a "hangout" spot.

    The further you are from the kitchen, the less you will think of eating.

    10. Walk and Talk

    Never take a phone call while sitting. Walking has very good benefits. It takes a lot of energy to move your body. It's almost as good as cardio, is a lot easier, and it's beautiful outside.

    11. Cheat

    Now that you are eating healthier, you will have less cravings.

    When they do come, no need to avoid. The stress of feeling bad is worse than actually having something sweet. Just try some moderation!

    12. Avoid Alcohol

    Special occasions, but not daily

    13. Avoid Soft Drinks

    Only drink water/coffee/tea on a daily basis.

    14. Avoid Excess Sugar

    Makes me crave sweets and eat worse. Fruit tastes really sweet, when you don't eat much sugar and will quell your cravings.

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