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10 iOS apps that I use every day

Like most of us these days, I get easily distracted. I try to use my phone as mindfully as possible. Here are the ten apps I use every day:

    1. Focus To Do

    This little app is my productivity secret. I plan my day in it, but moreover, I also use its built-in pomodoro timers to keep track of how much I work and when to take a break. I also love the statistics the app shows about my days. I can easily see how long I focus in a day, how much I write, and it is easy to see if I spend the day as I would like to.

    2. Ulysses

    I am obsessed with learning and remembering what I have learned. Ulysses has been my second brain for a while now. I keep all my notes in the app, and whenever I have some free time, I check something I wrote before to refresh my memory. The organization capabilities and being able to create filters to reach your notes that you have written in the last 30 days, etc., make this an invaluable app for my learning journey.

    3. Duolingo

    Spending ten minutes a day to learn a language almost passively was quite the selling point for me. I have been using Duolingo every day for almost a year now.

    4. Chrome

    Chrome has been the browser of choice for me, because it does the job and gets out of the way.

    5. Whatsapp

    I don't spend a lot of time chatting with people, but whatsapp is the app we use with my wife to communicate with each other.

    6. Twitter

    I haven't been active on social media and I have been trying to change that, and Twitter is the platform I chose to focus on. I am trying to learn the ropes of it and would love it if you follow me at https://twitter.com/YigitCakar Tell me you are coming from NotePD, and I will follow you back!

    7. Voice Recorder

    Everybody hates their own voice, and I learned that it is because we are not used to hearing what our voice is actually like and it is different than the voice we hear when we speak. I also want to improve my pronunciation, so I record a little snippet of text and hit two birds with one stone.

    8. LastPass

    I know three or four passwords, and I am so happy that LastPass handles the rest and keeps me safe.

    9. Sudoku.com

    I got into the habit of solving their daily challenge. Also, they say sudoku protects against Alzheimer's!

    10. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

    I use the dictionary and thesaurus every single day. There may be better dictionaries out in the world, but this one is what I have been using for decades now, and I am a creature of habit.

    What are the ten apps you are using regularly?

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