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10 items that hold monetary value in an economic meltdown

With the Eurozone currencies and economies melting down I’ve been thinking about what retains monetary value when everyday life becomes financially difficult.

    1. Food

    Food never goes out of style. If there are shortages and high prices your average person doest care what the stock market is doing. They just care about eating.

    2. Soap

    3. Toothpaste

    4. Precious metals

    Precious metals seem to be holding their value despite the economic trouble around the world.

    5. Alcohol

    No matter how bad it gets people want to drink.

    6. Coffee

    Much like booze, stimulates are always in demand. Especially if supply chain issues get worse.

    7. Fine art

    The wealthy people in Germany in the 1930s bought art and its value held and to this day is still a good investment if you can afford it. 

    8. Chickens

    They produce food which never goes out of style

    9. Propane tanks

    It will be cold in Europe soon. People won’t be able to rely on power companies as energy costs are through the roof.

    10. Bibles

    In hard times people tend to turn back to religion and God.

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