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10 Kinds Of NFTs I Want To Create (And Sell A Boatload Of)

So I've been buying (and selling a ton) of NFTs recently. And...

... it's been fun. Until it started getting repetitive.

So I thought it'd be a lot more fun (and profitable) to create my own NFTs. After all... I'm an artist, and graphic designer. Why am I not creating my own artwork for sale?

Hmm... good question.

What type of NFTs do I want to create?

    1. Cooking With NFTs

    I thought it'd be a fun idea to have each NFT be a cooking ingredient. And you'd have to collect different NFT ingredients, and mix and match them together on a website that would generate you a finished meal NFT.

    2. Creative Photography NFTs

    Everyone's doing the digital art NFT thing. Boring. I'd rather go with photography. That'd be a lot more fun for me.

    3. Trick Photography NFTs

    Creative photography is one thing. A subsection of that would be trick photography. And it's been something I've been wanting to delve into for some time now.

    4. Printable, Foldable 3D Art NFTs

    If you own the NFT, you get access to a download link to a printable, foldable artwork. Print it out, fold along the lines, cut and glue together to make your own 3D artwork.

    5. Commercial Use Art NFTs

    Create NFT art that comes with a commercial use license. You can sell the art on your own merchandise if you own the NFT.

    6. SAAS Subscription NFTs

    I'm a programmer. And one of the things I've been wanting to get into is creating a SAAS that uses NFTs as a membership pass.

    7. Generative Art NFTs

    In the style of Art Blocks. I love the concept of generative art.

    8. Artistic Video Shorts NFTs

    Short, amazing, artistic video clips. Sold as NFTs.

    9. Selling my own artwork as NFTs

    10. Profile Picture NFTs with a Twist

    The market for profile picture NFTs has gotten somewhat saturated... for now. I wouldn't get into this unless I had a unique twist. And I probably do.

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