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10 kinds of people that make me SMH

(SMH = shaking my head)

    1. People who hop from relationship to relationship

    You’re just going to dive right into another one without taking time to digest any of the painfully obvious patterns from your last 5 relationships, aren'tcha?

    2. People who ask, "Are you interested in a business opportunity?"

    (I was guilty of this when I was 20)

    3. People who ramble (and don't realize it)

    They’ll talk for 5 minutes and I can’t follow any point they’re trying to make.

    4. People who name drop every other sentence

    Unless they have something actually interesting to say in between, I’m leaving the conversation.

    5. People who want mentorship, but don't take action


    "Your first assignment is to read XYZ and get back to me your thoughts/reflections."


    6. People who use extreme language incessantly

    I LOVE THIS — and 50 other things.

    THIS IS MY FAVORITE — along with 50 other things.

    YOU’RE THE BEST — and I might hate you tomorrow if you do something I don’t like.

    YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND — along with my 15 other best friends.

    THIS IS THE WORST THING THAT’S HAPPENED TO ME — even worse than the thing I said was the worst, yesterday.

    7. People who use credit cards like loans

    I’m not talking about people who don’t have the means and don't have a choice.

    I’m talking about people who have stable incomes and still rack up CC debt.

    8. People who complain and don’t do anything about it

    9. People who chew with their mouth open

    10. People who talk as if they’re an expert when they aren’t

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