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10 Languages I Could Learn

I am so embarrassed that I don't know a second language when the rest of the world does. I mean everyone knows a second language. EVERYONE! Except for the average American. I need to learn a 2nd language.

    1. Spanish

    Not thrilled about this one. I took it for 11 years starting in 1st grade. I can understand a lot and kind of conjugate verbs but I am not really all that into Spanish culture. I have been to Mexico but eh.

    2. Korean

    I lived in South Korea for 3 years and picked up a few things. Dunko Babo= Dumb Ass. My 5 year old students kept calling me a dumb ass. lol. But the sentence structure is soo different from English. I am also not really excited about speaking it.

    3. Italian

    I really wanted to learn Italian post college. I wanted to move there and teach English. I wanted to be a feisty Italian in spirit. I went on a date locally with a man who was working here from Italy. He said all Italian men cheat. Don't believe them if they say they won't because it's in their blood it's what we do. I was like no thanks. I still love the language and the feistiness just not thrilled to learn it anymore

    4. German

    I think German is going to be the winner for me. I don't know why. I see it as kind of a scary language. I always feel like a Nazi is speaking it. I know that's weird but I just picture Hitler on a podium saying the words and it freaks me out. Maybe it's just conditioning. All we really learned about Germany growing up is Hitler. We have a Germanic sentence structure in English and I think it will be easier. Words are more familiar sounding. I said this in a facebook group and I was called out. Apparently it is really hard to learn. I am on duo lingo and know how to say beer and water. Bier und Vasser. I am progressing.

    5. Polish

    My paternal grandparents are straight from Poland. They spoke Polish in the house. I am not sure why I am not thrilled about speaking it but eh. Maybe some day.

    6. Swedish

    Another Germanic language. It feels more friendly but I was just in Sweden and it wasn't my favorite. The food was excellent but I wasn't in love with the Stockholm. It is on my Duo Lingo app. It's a pretty language.

    7. Danish

    I was just in Denmark and I liked Denmark. Except for all the bicycles. I don't like bicycles. Weird.. I know. They were EVERYWHERE. There were special stoplights for just bicycles and no one wore helmets. I am not sure what this has to do with the language but I wasn't thrilled by it. It's another Germanic language.

    8. Norwegian

    I've thought about this one. Norway is BEAUTIFUL! Expensive but beautiful. I felt like I could read most things in Norway without trying to hard. It is also a Germanic language but it also didn't thrill me.

    9. Chinese

    It's a hard language to learn and if I could do it I think it would be very impressive but I have no desire to really go to China.

    10. French

    I went when I was maybe 14. I just didn't like it. It's too proper and fancy. I need a little more grunge to my city. I need some gritty back allies. I don't really like fashion and they are really into it. I don't think I'd do well.

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