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10 languages that might be interesting to learn

Excluding the language I'm learning now and the language I intend to learn after that.

So these are not languages that I intend to learn in the near future (or ever), but what if?

I don't even know if I'll ever be a proper polyglot. I'm just entertaining the idea. For now I just speak French and English, and I'm learning Spanish.

10 languages that might be interesting to learn

    1. Japanese

    I didn't find Japanese appealing until someone told me about it very recently. That being said, I have no particular interest in Japan.

    2. Portuguese

    I'm starting to change my mind about how it sounds (I used to think it sounded ugly). It's another romance language, so on the one hand it would be fairly easy after Spanish (although I heard Portuguese is a bit more challenging), but on the other hand I'd rather learn non-romance languages unless I have a good reason.

    3. Turkish

    I can see myself doing this one, since I often find myself in Turkey.

    4. Chinese

    5. Norwegian

    I always thought this one was appealing, although it wouldn't be very useful. But considering how easy it is, it might be a fun thing to learn for a little bit.

    6. Hebrew

    7. Arabic

    8. Farsi

    I really like this one.

    9. Hindi

    10. Italian

    Another romance language. I lived in Italy for about 7 months and didn't learn it. I didn't like the city and knew I wasn't gonna stay there. I do regret it a little because I easily could have become conversational in that time. Maybe in the future, but right now there's no strong incentive. I'm writing this as I'm hearing a group of Italians talking in a coffee shop.

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