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What things could have happened to any of us, that will hold us back and even hurt us? These are drawbacks by a bad choice, a bad start, or just the feeling of alone to defend ones self.

    1. Mentally Challenged or Impaired

    My granddaughter has Autism, my heart hurts thinking about the limits that she has to accept.

    2. The Academically Dysfunctional Learner

    From birth, through physical trauma, or an environmental occurrence this could be the case of their limitation.

    3. A Standalone Person

    They live a self imposed or at least a self managed life. The must accomplish for themselves and protect themselves. By choice or otherwise, they receive less than normal.

    4. Certainly A Vulnerable Person

    Here there is a struggle of personal defense against somebody just wanting to use them, or gain access to their privacy. Could be this person made a move in someone's direction, only to find that they're put in jeopardy.

    5. A Persecuted Person

    Someone that experiences disrespect, attacked emotionally or physically and through this a person finds themselves in harms way. They could be stalked or badgered, henpecked, and live as they do in fear or disgust.

    6. The Victim

    This person is damaged, sometimes broken. They are trapped in a consequence not without a perpetrator.

    7. An Abused Person

    Usually they're in a knot, pulled tightly together with another person. Now stuck in a time of dissatisfaction and in need of relief.

    8. A Grounded Soul

    In a can't do life situation this person feels restricted beyond their control. This could just be a cause of bad, or lack of opportunuties.

    9. A Prisoner

    I'm thinking of the January 6 Washington D.C. political prisoners. Or someone like my son, or grandson; that made bad choices and got punushed severely for those choices.

    10. The Slave

    This is anyone that under orders is forced into living a dispicable life. No way out is within their power. There is no advancement beyond their set boundary. They are inhumanely treated and forced to do what their masters tell them.

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