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10, make that 7 for now, rules to break?

Mostly related to diet and exercise and also to simplicity.

    1. Eat healthy whole grains.

    They are not healthy, they are loaded with carbohydrates.

    2. Eat lots of fruit.

    Fruit is less healthy than you think, most fruits are carbohydrate festivals.Blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are pretty good for not being high in carbs.

    3. Meat is unhealthy.

    Lack of meat and too many carbohydrates is what has made Americans collectively so sick and out of shape. Every bit of diet advice we get from the government is terrible and very incorrect.

    4. Cholesterol is bad for us

    I could write a book here. Everything we were taught about cholesterol and the need for statins is wrong. Trust me enough to research it and draw your own conclusion. Start on my Twitter list. I am literally betting my life that the cholesterol hypothesis is BS.


    5. When you're older you need to do cardio

    Cardio will not build muscle mass. We start to naturally lose muscle mass at around 28. Eventually as this muscle loss (fancy word is sarcopenia) compounds to make us frail. Too frail and falling in the kitchen threatens your ability to live in your own home. Lifting weights with proper intensity builds muscle mass and provides cardio benefits.

    6. We should try to be rich.

    If you make enough to pay your bills, save for the future, cover emergencies with a little left over for some fun, you're very successful.

    Time is worth more than money. You need to be able to do the above IMO but owning your time provides tremendous "wealth." Living below your means is a path to wealth in the form of achieving financial independence sooner.

    7. Get a good job

    Seek gainful, self employment doing something you love and would probably engage in on some level for free.

    8. I'll add to this as I think of more.

    9. The day starts with a good breakfast

    That is just a marketing slogan from decades ago. Literally a marketing slogan, look it up. The thing to learn about here is intermittent fasting (IF), also called time restricted feeding.

    IF promotes autophagy, reduces inflammation, and promotes insulin sensitivity. Look these up if they are unfamiliar terms/concepts.

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