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10 more ideas for challenges to make

    1. ideas based on improvements for a job you had as a kid

    Challenge yourself to pick a job you had as a kid, or one of your first jobs and come up with 10 ideas to do it better

    2. Come up with ideas if you were living your dream life

    Imagine living your dream life including business, relationships, and everything and come up with ideas that way.

    3. Ideas that a historical painting inspires

    Pick a famous painting and come up with ideas based on the painting

    4. Take 10 unique selfies

    Even if it scares you.

    5. 10 ideas to expand your influence

    We are all in a unique situation. Come up with 10 ideas that could help you increase your influence.

    6. Take one of your hobbies and come up with 10 ideas to demonstrate it

    7. 10 Ideas for how you can help a friend, someone you look up to, and a random stranger, without them knowing

    This is technically 3 separate 10 ideas merged into one.

    8. 10 ideas to rearrange your home

    bonus if you add photos for reference

    9. 10 ideas to improve your taxes

    10. 10 ideas to improve the environment within 50 feet around your home

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