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10 More Pieces of Good Advice

10 More Pieces of Good Advice

    1. “Always back up your pass line bet with free odds.”

    Literally the only even money, as in no house edge, bet in the whole casino.

    2. “Turn your car into a university on wheels.”

    This was less easy to do in 1998, but with podcasts and audio books at your fingertips it's like breathing these days. We have no excuse.

    3. “Every byte, off site, each night.”

    I learned the importance of data storage and backups 23 years ago. Never forgot this saying.

    4. “Shave your beard off about once a year to keep your follicles healthy.”

    One of my favorite barbers in Philadelphia told me this. I should listen to her advice more often. But it's true.

    5. “Before doing creative work, sit quietly and gaze slightly above eye level for 15-30 seconds.”

    It's a hack to activate the visual memory pathway in your brain and gets you closer to flow state faster.

    6. “Don’t bruise the booze!”

    You can't "bruise" whiskey, whatever that means, but you can overmix a cocktail and water it down.

    7. “Give the hotel clerk a $20 bill sandwiched between your license and credit card.”

    This used to work in Vegas. Not so much anymore. But, the idea is if you want great service take a risk and tip early. I've done this on island vacations and it's a game-changer.

    8. “You can never tell someone you love them too many times.”

    9. “Don’t bet pocket 10s.”

    It's my burn hand. Can't play them. Always get way in over my head with 10s. It's so easy to think you're ahead but in a multi-way pot you're bigtime screwed on the flop. 

    10. “Brush twice a day and floss. Use mouthwash.”

    Duh. But a lot of people suffer unnecessarily from preventable oral disease. Easy habit to master.

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