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10 more ways to make your road trip more enjoyable.

H/T @wyip

10 more ways to make your road trip more enjoyable.

    1. Have a journey but not a destination.

    2. If it is a multi-day trip, each person gets one "golden ticket" per day.

    Instead of everything being a group decision, each person gets one place to stop / thing to do etc. per day without needing any agreement. I really long trips or bigger stops; each person gets a day.

    3. Bring a pillow and / or a blanket.

    4. Start planning on stopping early in the afternoon.

    You can actually stop much later if you wish but start the planning earlier. Less stress.

    5. Plan one meal as a picnic

    6. Create a playlist.

    Every music genre has classic road music.

    7. If a larger group, rotate passengers.

    In a single vehicle, like a van, each time you stop, sit somewhere else. If traveling with multiple vehicles, switch whose riding in which vehicle.

    8. Make a loop.

    Return by a different route than you started.

    9. Take the route less travelled whenever possible.

    Goes without saying.

    10. Silly road games.

    As far as I know, my parents made this travel game up. For almost fifty years now I've been teaching family and friends. It's now an ever present, (if somewhat random) part of our road trips.

    1) Each player is on the lookout for Horses and Cemeteries.

    2) When a horse (or group of horses) is spotted, the player seeing them first calls out "Horse!" once for each horse. i.e. If there are four horses together, "Horse!" must be called 4 times. If the caller misses one or more, another player can call any remaining horses in the same manner.

    3)Each player keeps track of the number of horses they have.

    4) Whoever is the first to spot a cemetery AND call out "Cemetery" gets all the horses and everyone else's score resets to zero.

    5) The player with the most horses wins.

    6) This is a simple silly game that sort of rides in the background of whatever else is happening. The point isn't the game. It's the silliness that goes with it.

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