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10 Morning Thoughts to better understand myself

I don’t understand why I always let it get to me. I do the same thing over and over expecting/thinking I’m changing. But the reality is you take 67 steps forward and you get knocked back to two steps. It seems life has you falling backward but only slightly ahead of where you were.
What could I learn from this?

I could. . .

    1. Learn there is a repeated pattern I’m not seeing. If I have aproblem with this, perhaps my view point is off about how I see myself

    2. What emotional reasons could be stopping me from progressing further?

    3. Am I simply not excepting the world as it is?

    4. Have I looked at my biases to see fault in an idea I held about life?

    5. What am I avoiding?

    6. Have I been reflective enough with myself about the reality I have

    7. Am I harboring hidden resentment?

    8. Am I repressing self-love?

    9. On any given day all could be true or none. Progress means forward. The only reality we need in the moment of confusion is to accept the world and situation as it is. Grow from moment to moment.

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