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10 Most Important Lessons I Learned At School

    1. Your life is the result of people you surround yourself daily. And the people you get surrounded with in school is mostly decided by your luck.

    2. Keep mostly to yourself. And those who are naturally attracted to you will become some of your greatest friends in life.

    3. Whenever possible, make sure you're the one picking between options. But only if you have a track record of great picks. Otherwise, find someone who does to do the picking for you.

    4. The key to being a great teacher all boils down to one thing: being a great storyteller. Teachers who are masters of storytelling can control and direct attention like nothing else... while making it all seem fun.

    5. Staying well-hydrated can be the difference between life and death. It's so important to be in-tune with your body.

    6. School is mostly a waste of time and childhood. You will learn way more (and way faster) after school, teaching yourself stuff you actually enjoy learning about... in the way you enjoy learning it.

    7. The traditional schooling system that was created after the Industrial Revolution has destroyed more human potential than even the worst wars in history.

    8. Chit-chatting with a friend in class is way more enjoyable than listening to someone one-sidedly talking to you for hours on end. Enjoyable and effective learning should be dialog, not monologue.

    9. If you get all A's but mess up one subject, you'll be disappointed. If you mess up every subject, but get a huge A for one, you'll be happy. Contrast is powerful.

    10. The basis of all learning is language. The more powerful your vocabulary, the easier and more quickly you learn.

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