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10 Most Important Things (like gadgets, furniture, appliances etc.) that you use regularly and can't live without... and why?

A couple of years ago, when I moved back to my hometown on Long Island, I got rid of almost all of my physical possessions (either donated, sold, or trashed). I still have some physical possessions though. Read on for my most important ones.

    1. My glasses/contacts

    I need them to see.

    2. Macbook/Smartphones

    I am really tired of the overreliance on tech gadgets. I have "tech-free weekends" and "tech-free vacations" where I don't touch a smartphone or my macbook. They are meant to maintain my sanity. Still, it's very difficult to thrive without them these days, so I begrudgingly accept that they are quite important.

    I use them for my online courses, to check how much my crypto investments are down from previous highs, share posts about wealth and income inequality, translate Spanish to English so I can communicate with my Spanish friends/neighbors/clients, calls, texts, audiobooks, socia media, photos, idea lists on NotePd, etc.

    3. Earpods

    I use them to listen to insightful/educational podcasts like the James Altucher Show, The Jocko Podcast, The James Quandahl Show, and more.

    4. My Wristwatch (Not a tech-watch)

    With so many people just relying on their devices for the time, wearing my wristwatch is a small form of rebellion (and perhaps an oasis from the tech desert). I recently left it at the pool and felt naked without it. I was very happy to learn that someone found it and gave it to the lost and found. Proof that there are good people in the world.

    5. My Books (Physical Books and Audio Books)

    I cannot live without books.

    6. My bed

    That's where the magic happens, and it's also where I go for rest and renewal.

    7. My Library Card

    Sure, the wealth and income inequality in this country is staggering, unjust and overwhelming. But we sure are rich in access to information and it's free. Since I've started doing the digital nomad thing and over the course of the Pandemic, I've spent a LOT of time in libraries. They give me a quiet place to go to get work done when I get cabin fever, free internet, and all the books an avid reader can ever dream of having access to.

    8. Kettlebell

    I started doing a lot of Kettlebell exercises since the start of the Pandemic and haven't looked back. For a small one time investment, you can have a small piece of equipment that you can use to work every single muscle in your body, without the expensive gym membership.

    9. Goggles

    They keep the water out of my eyes when I'm at the pool or at the beach.

    10. Toothbrush

    Dental hygiene is important. Can't have bad breath.

    11. Flashdrives

    Where I keep all of my files/data.

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