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10 music acts and albums for the adventurous listener

These artists can push the boundaries of what we consider music.

    1. Diamanda Galas

    Her highly trained vocals combined with unflinching performance can strike terror. Try “Wild women with steak knives”

    2. Butthole surfers: Locust Abortion Technician

    The psychedelic experience set to music

    3. Captain Beefheart : Trout Mask Replica

    It sounds like the band is falling down the stairs but the grooves are infectious

    4. Ilan Mimaroglu: wings of the delirious demon

    This is tape manipulation music from the 1960s . I looked for this album on cd for over 10 years: now you can see it on you tube in 10 seconds. Listen on headphones in a darkened room and give it your full attention

    5. Carl Ruggles: Sun Treader

    Heavy orchestra!

    6. Igor Stravinsky: Rite of Spring

    Now that this is over 100 years old it is used as theme music at a Disney mini golf course but when it was first performed it caused a riot

    7. Robert Johnson

    The guitarist that basically created the blueprint for blues rock

    8. Deep Purple live in Japan

    High risk rock improvisation

    9. Behold the Arctopus

    Avant-garde virtuoso music played on a 10 string Warr guitar

    10. Gong: You

    A musical journey end to end. Play loud

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