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10 myths about twins

    1. Twins are unique

    Having an identical twin sister is at once the most unique, unusual thing about you and the least. There’s another person whose DNA matches yours and whose face is shockingly similar. That’s actually the opposite of unique: It’s repetition.

    2. Twins are telepathic

    The one egg, one sperm, one zygote before it split, there might have been a consciousness. When did it become two consciousnesses? That may be what identical twins experience: the oneness that used to be before it became twoness. Maybe that’s why twins feel more whole together than when they are separated.

    My brother and I are not telepathic (we get this question biweekly), but we are on the same wavelength. We can communicate a joke with a single look; we can have the same wacky dream on the same night in different cities.

    3. Twins like being together all the time

    True but no.

    In my opinion, we've always wanted to become our own people, but we were also incredibly close. The only way to become truly “different people” would have been to spend less time together but sometimes that never would have worked.

    4. Twins like to be treated as a single unit

    We shared a niggling fear that beyond our group of close friends, no one really cared to know us individually.

    5. Twins go bald simultaneously

    No. Basically, despite that thing with one egg, one sperm, and one zygote before it split, same-gender twins can pickup different "amounts" of mother/father genes (I'm afraid I'm saying some biologically silly rubbish). So it's possible that one twin can go bald but the second one will still have pretty good hair.

    6. Twins are living, breathing mirror of each other

    So it's a bit silly thinking that if one sibling tried on a pair of jeans, the second one can offer to pay for the same pair on the spot because they knew they’d fit them perfectly, too. No, it's not. Despite the similar complexion, there are a lot of body differences that will cause an opposite result. I think this works only for the age range of 0-10.

    7. Twins have the same penis size

    8. When one twin feels the pain, the second one does it too

    9. Twins like the same type of women

    10. Twin like wearing the same clothes

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