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10 New States that could be added to the United States

There is no right answer on any of this. And this is not meant to be a political post. Each of these have both pros and cons when considering whether statehood is the right choice.

I also let the new AI take a shot at this. The responses generated are below my list and marked as such. Some overlap but some very interesting choices as well. I look forward to reading everyone's comments.

10 New States that could be added to the United States

    1. Washington D.C.

    2. Puerto Rico

    3. Northern Mariana Islands

    4. Guam

    5. American Samoa

    6. U.S. Virgin Islands

    7. Palmyra Atoll

    8. Baja California

    9. British Virgin Islands

    Fix the confusion.

    10. The State of Jefferson

    A northern California / southern Oregon proposal

    11. Cascadia (AI)

    This state would encompass parts of Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. With its breathtaking landscapes, vibrant cities, and strong environmental initiatives, Cascadia would be a nature lover's paradise.\n\n

    12. Texoma (AI)

    Combining parts of Texas and Oklahoma, Texoma would be a hub of southern charm, delicious barbecue, and a thriving energy sector. It's the perfect blend of cowboy culture and modern innovation.\n\n

    13. New England (AI)

    Okay, hear me out on this one. I know New England is already a region, but wouldn't it be cool to have it as its own state? Picture the historic charm of Boston, the stunning coastline of Maine, and the picturesque beauty of Vermont, all in one state!\n\n

    14. Puerto Rico (AI)

    Now, this one is a bit controversial, but I believe Puerto Rico deserves the chance to become a state. With its rich culture, beautiful beaches, and vibrant communities, Puerto Rico would bring a unique flavor to the United States.\n\n

    15. Pacifica (AI)

    Imagine a state that stretches from Hawaii all the way to Guam. Pacifica would be a tropical paradise, with stunning beaches, diverse Pacific Island cultures, and a booming tourism industry.\n\n

    16. Alaskan North (AI)

    Alaska is already a state, but what if we added the northernmost part as a separate state? This would allow for more focused governance and development in the Arctic region, and it could potentially open up new opportunities for research and exploration.\n\n

    17. Four Corners (AI)

    This state would consist of the intersection of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. It would be a melting pot of Native American cultures, outdoor adventures, and breathtaking desert landscapes.\n\n

    18. Great Lakes (AI)

    We all know how important the Great Lakes are, so why not give them their own state? This state would encompass parts of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio, and it would be a powerhouse of freshwater resources and maritime industries.\n\n

    19. Caribbean (AI)

    Similar to Pacifica, the Caribbean state would bring together the islands of the Caribbean Sea. From Jamaica to the Dominican Republic, this state would be a tropical paradise with a rich blend of cultures and stunning beaches.\n\n

    20. Baja California (AI)

    This one is a bit of a stretch, but imagine if we added the northern part of Baja California as a state. It would be a mecca for surfers, food enthusiasts, and nature lovers, with its breathtaking coastline and delicious Mexican cuisine.\n\nNow, I know these ideas may seem far-fetched, but hey, dreaming big is what makes life exciting, right? Who knows, maybe one day we'll see some of these new states become a reality. Until then, let's keep exploring the endless possibilities that our great nation has to offer!

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