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10 No-Face, No-Talk YouTube Channel Ideas (For The Shy At Heart)

Wanna create a YouTube channel, but you're too shy to show your face?

Yes. That question describes me.

No, I'm not that shy. But I value my privacy. So if I started a YouTube channel, here's the types of YouTube channels I'd like to start:

    1. Kaizen improvements channel

    I'm a huge practitioner of kaizen (making small continuous improvements daily). Simple before and after videos of the improvements you make can be helpful.

    2. A video comic-strip YouTube channel

    Traditional newspaper comic-strip in video format. Boring. But fun.

    3. A storytelling channel with text, music and images

    Tell your stories without talking. Text and music will do.

    4. A stop-motion animation channel

    Been wanting to start one for the longest time. I have lots of stop-motion videos I made on my phone but haven't uploaded yet.

    5. A YouTube channel that just records your hands playing your favorite musical instrument

    Since I'm practicing on my instrument anyway, why not upload a video of it and get some subscribers?

    6. Niche food YouTube channels

    These are still hotter than ever. And from what I've seen, the more niche the food, the more people love it. Just take a video of the cafe and the food.

    7. Ambient sound effects channel

    Rain. Wind. Thunder. Loop.

    8. A screen capture channel

    Record your screen. While playing games. While using software. While navigating websites.

    9. Light novels video channel

    I'm a huge fan of light novels. Because... they're light. And fun. And interesting.

    What if I took the concept of light novels and turn them into videos instead of text?

    10. Idea lists YouTube channel

    Just take the lists you create on NotePD, pop them into a text to video online service, and upload the video to YouTube.

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